Themeperch recently released an update 2.1.1 with Elementor plugin support.

Checkout what’s new in the Investment Financial WordPress theme

2.1.1 – 18th November 2022

  1. Elementor supported
  2. Added Elementor supported templates
  3. Added Risk & Reward Profile template
  4. Added About Company template
  5. Added Background Slider template
  6. Added Call to Action template
  7. Added Career template
  8. Added Company Summary template
  9. Added Onepage Copyright bar template
  10. Added Counter Up template
  11. Added Download Box template
  12. Added Feature template
  13. Added Featured Box template
  14. Added Figures Block template
  15. Added Footer Meta template
  16. Added Contact Info template
  17. Added Google Map template
  18. Added Header Content template
  19. Added List Item template
  20. Added Onepage Header Info template
  21. Added Onepage Nav Menu template
  22. Added Mailchimp Form template
  23. Added Our Clients template
  24. Added Preloader template
  25. Added Quote template
  26. Added Service template
  27. Added Single Job Info template
  28. Added Single Team Info template
  29. Added Single Testimonial template
  30. Added Skillbar template
  31. Added Timeline template
  32. Added Title template
  33. Added Working Hours template
  34. Fixed alignment settings issue

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